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We have vast experience and knowledge of working for the food industry

All our employees have extensive knowledge of TIG Welding procedures, materials, working practices and work place disciplines. We manufacture high quality Food Grade Stainless Steel Fabrications for various clients within the food processing industry.

We can design, manufacture, Install, repair and maintain machinery. Metalcraft have a stainless steel dedicated area and machinery to avoid cross contamination with other steels.

We manufacture factory trolleys, stainless steel tables, conveyor systems, guards, product catchment trays, chutes, tanks, hoppers, counter-tops, covers, workstations, benches, frames, shelves, racking, stainless steel wall coverings, door, window panels

Metalcraft fabricate bespoke projects for many high street restaurants and take away outlets including kitchen extraction canopies and hoods, ventilation duct-work and ornamental polished stainless steel fixtures and fittings.

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