If Nathan says he’ll do it he will.

I first used Metalcraft and worked with Nathan as Chief Engineer at Princes in 1997. There work has always been of a high quality, Nathan is flexible in the design and specification stage of a job and we worked well as a team to get solutions.

Work has always been to the right standard, on time (often despite very demanding schedules) at the right price with no accidents or hygiene problems. His men have a similar “get it done” approach without compromising risk.

I have enjoyed seeing Nathan grow the business with a good old fashioned approach to steady growth with conservative management, keeping his feet on the ground and getting his hands dirty when required.

Very few fabricating and pipe fitting businesses can provide the service Nathan provides. (I once used someone on a job in Glasgow instead of Metalcraft because they were nearer and saved £6,000. What a mistake! Nathan would have provided a much better service from 100 miles further away)

I look forward to seeing the business grow and advance into the future with Nathan at the helm.